The Biggest Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Own Cremation Services

Posted on September 23, 2019 by Todd Ferreira under Cremations
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Years ago, the idea of sitting down and pre-planning funeral or cremation services in Starke, FL sounded ludicrous to most people. Who in the world would want to spend any time thinking about what was going to happen when they die? But these days, there are more and more people jumping at the chance to pre-plan their services. They’ve learned that there are so many benefits that come along with doing it. Here are some of the biggest benefits of pre-planning your own cremation services.

cremation services in Starke, FL

Lets you know if cremation is the right option for you

Prior to pre-planning your Starke, FL cremation and everything that will go along with it, you’ll need to spend some time thinking about whether or not cremation is really right for you. You’ll also need to talk with a funeral director about the ins and outs of cremation to ensure that it’s the option you want to choose. You’ll feel more confident about your decision to be cremated once you’ve had a lot of time to consider it. You won’t have to worry about second-guessing your decision at a later date.

Allows you to map out every aspect of your cremation services

Do you want your family to hold a viewing and a traditional funeral service for you prior to your cremation? Or would you prefer for your family to skip all the pomp and circumstance and hold a direct cremation for you? You’ll have the power to choose how your cremation services will play out when you pre-plan services yourself. You’ll also get to lift the burden of planning funeral services from your family. They’ll be able to concentrate on grieving your death one day as opposed to spending all their time making funeral arrangements for you.

Puts you in a position to pre-pay for your cremation services

You don’t necessarily have to pre-pay for your cremation services ahead of time if you don’t want to. You can leave it up to your family to pay for your services later if you want. But you at least have the option of paying for your cremation services if you choose to do it. Your family will appreciate you taking the time to work out the financial aspects of your cremation.

Provides you and your family with much-needed peace of mind

Many people are under the impression that pre-planning cremation services will make them obsessed with thinking about their death. They steer clear of planning services for themselves because they don’t want their minds to become preoccupied with thoughts about their final days. But most people find out that the opposite is true. Pre-planning cremation services provides both them and their families with a certain peace of mind that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Have you been thinking about pre-planning your own cremation services? Ferreira Funeral Services and Archie Tanner Memorial Chapel is a Starke, FL funeral home that can lend you a hand. Give us a call at (904) 964-5757 today to start the pre-planning process or pay us a visit at 14397 US Highway 301, S Starke, FL 32091 to find out more about how this process works.

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